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Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Training by Sonali Mehta,
ACTA Certified Trainer and
Trinity College Trainer.


Learn to Apply 7 Secrets of Public Speaking:

Schedule of workshop:

Each workshop is 6 classes, each class is 1.5 hours
Total of 9 hours of practical training lessons.

SGD 300/- per person for the course of 6 classes.

Classes are generally at these times and can be modified for groups of 6.

Depending on your choice you can join a class that can be:

Accelerated ProgramSteady Progress ProgramStep by Step Program
3 classes per week over 2 weeks2 classes per week over 3 weeks1 class per week over 6 weeks
Evening class:Weekends:Weekday afternoon classes:
- 7:00pm to 830pm

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
- Saturday 5:30pm to 7pm

- Sunday 330pm to 5pm
-Please call for availability


The SMActs Training Studio



Corporate Drama

2 Hour Sessions

Formats: 1/2 Day OR Full day

Contact for rates

Improv and Stage Performance for Adults.

If you love programmes like Whose Line is it Anyways, you’ll love our short-form Improv classes. Once we teach you the 4 simple Improv hacks, you’ll realise that Improv is the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Laughter Unlimited.

Timing/Fees: $500 for 13 sessions

From 5th Sept -5th Dec 2022
Mondays 7:30-8:30

About the CEO and Chief Curator

Sonali Mehta started her career in 1992 in advertising and has since developed her career in communications, theatre and soft skills training.

Sonali brings forth her knowledge to provide comprehensive training to the corporate, the educational as well as the Govt sectors, via the training programs and workshops she runs.

Sonali’s training programs covers a range of soft skills areas: Public Speaking, Speech and Drama, Innovative Thinking, Customer Service Training, Team-Building, Creative Writing, Voice and Presentation Skills.

Since 2014, she’s been the leading course facilitator at Singapore GIGIS Adult Education Centre for the Speech Development and Creative Drama modules. In 2022 she added Creative Writing and Effective Teaching Methodologies to her GIGIS portfolio. Since 2015 she has been running Trinity College Drama Prep Program.

Sonali is a Singapore ACTA certified trainer and a published author. She is an experienced stage artiste having performed in Singapore and Europe. She has written, directed and acted in plays in Singapore and has written for many Asian magazines over the years.

She began her career as a copywriter at Ogilvy and Mather. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Mumbai University, has attended the the Watford College, U.K. for a Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Marketing. She also holds the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers U.K. and a Diploma from the Shakespeare Summer School at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.