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Drama for Adults


It’s fun! A great stress buster. And creatively satisfying. If you’re bored playing the same role day in and day out – a supermum, an overworked executive, a number crunching investment banker etc – it’s time to break free. Try on a variety of different roles – at our adult classes!

Timing/Fees: Rs. 15,000/- per course of 6 sessions of 1.5 hour each.

The #1 fear of most people is speaking in public. Our improv games are designed to help you overcome this fear in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

Focus and Concentration Drama games bring awareness to compulsive habits such as - the tenency to pepper conversations with "you know?" or a habit of tilting your head while concentrating. Awareness is half the battle.

Double up the laughter during our improv exercises! Play your character and experience catharsis - the process of releasing strong emotions through acting (according to the ancient Greeks!)

In our multicultural global village, it is imperative that we understand different perspectives. Drama helps you see the world from your character's point-of-view and understand a facet of yourself you never knew (to quote Pocahontas!)

Analyizing your own character, the script, and the setting, through a series of quizzes/activities help you read between the lines. Application of text-and-subtext sharpens critical thinking by approaching common situations from multiple angles.

In this multicultural world, understanding accents can be difficult. Sometimes we speak too fast and at other times, our voice is monotonous and boring. Drama improves diction and develops variety.

Ever had to suddenly scramble for a Plan B? Drama, with all its improv games helps you develop the ability to think on your feet and stay in the moment.

Your meeting starts the moment you walk through the door. Opinions are formed before you even speak. HOW you carry yourself, HOW you speak, will have already influenced your audience on whether or not they intend to pay attention to WHAT you're saying.