Corporate Drama

Excellence begins with clarity of thought

Through drama activities, we home critical and creative thinking skills. Leading to confident, articulate and astute communicators.


1. Theatre teaches us how to express ourselves more effectively.

It is the perfect tool to:
But theatre-based workshops go far beyond developing excellent presentation skills.

2. Theatre-based workshops help people to “see” their own behaviour.

Common scenarios are enacted through role-play, improv and Forum Theatre. This allows employees to pinpoint their short-comings and literally see for themselves how a simple shift in body language or vocal pitch can diffuse an undesirable situation and turn it into a more productive interaction.

3. Theatre based workshops are interactive.

As the old Chinese saying goes, “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” By participating in these workshops, learning becomes experiential. Learning outcomes are cemented and can be more seamlessly implemented into everyday interactions that last far beyond the confines of the workshop.

4. Theatre based workshops and drama games help us understand human psychology – how and why people think the way they do. And once we understand the basic psychological underpinnings of customer behaviour, we can use that to:

Now more than ever, in our “New Normal”, we need to reconnect and polish our face-to-face skills.

Who would benefit most from such workshops? Everybody, of course! But we’ve found that the people who benefited the most were:

Experience In Corporate Drama

2 Hour Sessions

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