Presentation Skills

What is the secret of a powerful presentation?

Think Clearly. Write Clearly. Speak Clearly. Don’t Fidget.

Our Presentation and Public Speaking Classes are designed to help you brainstorm ideas, sharpen your thought process, craft a well-written speech and then practice delivering it with correct articulation and voice modulation. We help you eliminate unnecessary fidgeting and peppering your speech with “um” and “er” and other fillers indicating a lack of preparation.

We teach you what to say and how best to say it. Along with the best practising tools for correct posture, voice modulation exercises, articulation enhancing tongue-twisters and personalised feedback, we help you make your presentations more memorable and dynamic.

Remember, the success of your speech lies in not just what you said but about what the audience heard.

Capture the attention of your audience by creating the perfect hook for your presentation

A picture may speak a 1000 words but remember, your slide should not have more than 10 ideally.

The way you walk and stand tells the audience how interesting your talk will be. Learn the correct posture for optimum impact.

It’s not only what you say that matters, it’s how you say it. Learn how to modulate the 6 elements of voice to say exactly what you want to convey.

Learn the Goldilocks method of crafting a great speech – not too long, not too short but just right!

Presentation Skills

The success of your speech is not about what you said but about what the audience heard. Or, in the case of students, what your teacher heard. Learn skills to make your presentations effective and dynamic.

TIMINGS/FEES: $600 for 15 sessions


Tuesdays – 5pm- 6pm

Term begins 1st February 2023