Creative Writing

Academic excellence begins with the ability to write clearly

Why are our Creative Writing Classes are considered one of the best in Singapore โ€“ check out the testimonials of satisfied parents?

Is it because the curriculum is designed by Mrs. Phalguni Dalal, an IB curriculum co-ordinator with 20 years of experience? Or could it be that this course is taught by a published author, whom Shobhaa De hails as โ€œcharmingly ironical โ€œand โ€œrefreshingly spunkyโ€?

To (mis)quote the Bard, it is this marriage of true minds that provides your child with the best of both worlds; a solid grounding in sound grammar rules as well as unleashing the tsunami of young imaginations. We roll the dice for adjectives and adverbs, deal card prompts, climb story mountains and write haiku poems.

And we banish the crushing boredom of teaching grammar by utilising the latest teaching tools like the Mentor Sentence technique, which has taken the ho-hum world of grammar by storm!

Currently, we are following the UK national curriculum KS3 guidelines to promote and develop good writing skills.

This year, our focus is on Writing Triplets โ€“ the first being Imagine-Explore-Entertain.

Understand the basic principles and functions of grammar to use properly, or playfully!

Use humour, current affairs, and pop songs to give your writing pizzazz, keeping it socially relevant.

Banish boring words like, "said". Instead, use "shouted", "whispered", "groaned", "grumbled", "rasped", etc.

Make your story sing! Peppering it with figurative language.


Academic excellence begins with the ability to write clearly

Unleash your childโ€™s imagination! Enroll them in a Creative Writing classes with a published author whose debut novel is hailed by Shobhaa De as โ€˜freshingly spunkyโ€ and โ€œcharmingly ironicalโ€.

TIMINGS/FEES: $550 for 15 sessions.

(9-12-year olds)Saturday - 11:00am- 12:30pm

Term begins 1st February 2023